Welcome to OpenHighStreet.com

At OHS we address the decline in the UK’s high streets. Our aim is for the internet and e-commerce to be seen as part of the high street solution rather than held up as part of the problem. We want to give smaller, independent suppliers, retailers and outlets an online platform on which to compete, without the costs in staff time, technology and marketing required for each business to do it for themselves. At OHS we believe that an online shopping portal for local suppliers in a particular region is a strength, allowing local customers to buy locally, local suppliers to sell locally, local economies to benefit directly and local networks to grow and support each other sustainably

The OHS team is seeking active interest for an OHS service in towns and regions across UK. An OHS service can be set up in any suitable urban area, market town or rural region. If you would like to be part of this, please contact us on:
01432 264778
[email protected]